Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Band of the Moment: Trapped Under Ice

Hailing from my hometown of Baltimore, Trapped Under Ice is currently one of the biggest bands in hardcore. I saw them about a year and a half ago, opening for Reign Supreme in Long Island. The show was great, with tons of energy. While I liked their sound, I never got around to really listening to their music on my own. A few months ago, I listened to their new album Secrets of the World and set off a new obsession. This band has eveything you could need in a hardcore band--chugging guitar riffs, brutal breakdowns, throat clearing vocals, and surprisingly deep lyrics. It has the perfect mix between a late-90s hardcore sound, metal, and today's newer breed of hardcore.

Though their new album sparked my interest, their first release is my favorite. As with many other bands in this genre, Stay Cold has a much more grainy and earthy sound which helps mire you in the unrelenting terror that is their music. Included in this album is their 5 song demo which is a fantastic addition. In my opinion, the best tracks on this release are the opening "Half a Person" and "Reality Unfolds." They're perfect for my after-work commute.

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