Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Junya Watanabe SS 2011

In a great piece written by one of my favorite style bloggers, Sartorially Inclined, a new argument is constructed in the on-going debate between style vs. fashion. Not to rehash that debate, nor to explain where I find myself in the Style<--->Fashion spectrum, I would just like to comment on the designer who sparked the conversation.

Seldom do I post on runway designers, but I feel that Junya Watanabe's Spring/Summer 2011 collection has produced some very wearable items which are stylistically progressive. We continue to see a shift away from super-skinny male tailoring, toward wider lapels and fuller pant legs. To be honest, I still enjoy slimmer clothing, but I find this to be refreshing. It's interesting as one extreme style morphs to another polemic extreme. There is a lot of middle ground which doesn't get as much attention, but fully deserves our interest. Skinny suits and jackets are not for everyone and I think Junya has hit a happy medium.

The majority of the photos I'm sharing are a variation of a similar outfit, but it is something that I feel hits the middle ground between style and fashion. Items which are ordinary enough that they can be worn by anyone, yet if one looks closer, there is a more radical element that can be used to create much more dynamic look. This collection is fantastic, and I think this is a good sign for the revitalization of men's fashion, style, clothing, or however you justify this hobby of ours.

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