Thursday, June 10, 2010

Subcultural Foundations: The Mods

We all like to draw our style inspirations from numerous places—our childhood, people we see in the street, the internet, etc. I find myself strongly intrigued and inspired by youth subcultures, particularly those of British origin. Currently, my strongest style inspiration is the ever-youthful appearance of the Mods.

The origins of the mods are rather dubious and oft debated. However, we do know that the youth cult developed in London during the 1950s and were drawn to American jazz, R&B, and soul, fine Italian tailoring and motor scooters, amphetamines, and a hedonistic impulse to look damn good. What we find is a bricolage of styles and influences that culminate in something ultimately British in nature.

It’s difficult to deny the longevity of the mods’ style. From the culture’s hay-day in the early 60’s, to the revival in the mid 70s, and the current resurgence of interest in men’s style, the mods are a limitless source of inspiration. Key features of the mods’ style of dress are slim 3-button suits, M65 Army Parkas, Fred Perry polos, pegged slim jeans, Chelsea boots, desert boots, and an all around smart clothing style.

Source Note: The photos included in this entry have been borrowed from a series of blogs, forum posts, and a variety of other sources. Most notable of which are It Owes Me a Living (blog) and Get Smart (StyleForum member).

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