Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cycles for Summer

With temperatures reaching 80 and the sun shining for the past three glorious days, I’ve decided to get a bicycle. Seeing as how most new models reach into the 400+ range, I’m searching for something used. The style of bike I’m looking for is still a little up in the air. I would like something that I can ride around town doing errands, but also something I can take for some exercise. Nothing strenuous, but a couple hours riding down the path leading to Jones Beach would be nice. For this reason, I’m stuck between a cruiser design, or something made specifically for roads and a bit more sporty. For reference, please see the two pictures below.

1978 Schwinn Cruiser

70s era Fuji Tourer

My fiancé thinks I’m crazy for looking into vintage bikes, but I figure it will be the biggest bang for my buck. Not only that, their style is undeniable. How else could I find something this cool? Worst comes to worst, I break a $100 bike. No harm, no foul. It will be easily replaced.

At the moment, I’m leaning more towards the cruiser, but I’m concerned about its weight and how easily it could be stored in the attic. The road bike would be nice because it would allow more sporty movement, and probably a bit lighter. I just don’t know how comfortable it would be on long rides. Sigh… I guess we’ll see. By next weekend, I plan on having a bicycle attached to the back of my truck. Expect an update on this situation.

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