Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spring/Summer Jackets

Like many other style bloggers, late-Spring and Summer months isn't typically my time to shine aesthetically speaking. The cool, brisk weather of Fall and Winter allow us to layer different items, mix textures and colors, and gives us a bit more range with layering. As the temperatures rise, we shed these layers like some sort of fashionable snake (lib. arts education is paying off). It basically leaves us with the basics. Shorts and and shirt on the weekend. Chinos, shirt, and maybe a jacket during the week. Unfortunately, I have next to nothing by means of a warm weather jacket. Luckily, LL Bean's new-ish Signature Line has produced a couple new items for our benefit.

Check out the two options below:

The linen blazer would definitely be my first choice. Plain, basic, understated, and most importantly, breathable. It can go with just about anything and be worn just about anywhere. It's also a good step up from cotton in formality.

And while not my first choice, this madras jacket is certainly more bad-ass. I swear, I think my favorite color is plaid. The jacket looks sharp, and I think RL Rugby may have some madras blazer competition.

Either option looks like it has working button holes, which is a great detail. LL Bean is stepping up their game and while the initial line-up was a little lackluster, newer items like these is generating some great attention.


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