Wednesday, November 17, 2010

J Press Shaggy Dog Sweater

While many of you are taking advantage of J. Press’ recent 25% off sale, I was lucky enough to visit their Sample Sale in NYC two weeks ago. Now, the interwebs have been all a-buzz about the Shaggy Dog Sweater. To be quite honest, I wasn’t even going to go to the sale – that was until I saw a review of the sale showcasing their brushed Shetland crewneck sweater.

Now I do have to say there are a couple fit issues. While most people have stated the wears from J Press are oversized and box-like, I have to say that this fits pretty snug through the chest and shoulders. Even the sleeves come up a bit short. After trying on a medium, it was so tight through the chest and the sleeves so short, I ultimately decided upon a Large. The large is a little baggy at the waist, but I’m glad the sleeves actually come to my wrist. Looking back, a Medium might have been a better option since it’s probably due to stretch, but paying $35 for a sweater that retails for 160? I’m quite happy with my sweater.

The fabric itself is quite soft and light, but incredibly warm. Unlike some other lambswool sweaters, which I find to be incredibly scratchy, this has an amazing soft quality. Check out some photos for action shots (cropped to protect the innocent).


  1. Do you know if its easy to get sweaters like this tailored? There are loads of nice sweaters out there but none of them fit me well. Theres always something wrong with the fit.

  2. Wow, that does look like it runs small. May I ask what your chest measurement is and how tall you are? I'm a girl looking to get a few for herself. Thanks. That color is pretty!

  3. Anon: Good question, I'll address this in a separate post, as it deserves a more length response than what I can provide here.

    V: I'm a little of 6 feet, 40" chest, and a 34" sleeve length. I would definitely size down 1, if not 2, if you're a girl.