Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Obsession

Like so many other guys, I guess my interest in clothing was re-ignited by my transition from college to work. My usual beat-up jeans, t-shirt, skate shoe combination just wouldn’t cut it anymore. The inevitable trip to the department store soon followed, where I bought the typical young business casual wear; black “office pants,” tent-like shirts, plain sweaters, and a few ties. Not all of it was terrible, but I had no idea what I was doing.

Fast-forward a couple years. I’m attending grad school, working as an office assistant. Again, this is the typical office casual atmosphere and my style had not progressed. While looking for a suit for a friend’s wedding, I stumble upon StyleForum and a new infatuation is ignited. Not only have I found a community which provides all the informational how-to’s, but there are hundreds of discussions featuring all sorts of topics I love.

Since this discovery in August 2008, my interest has ballooned out of proportion. While clothing and style take up a majority of my interest, it has expanded to all types of men’s lifestyle websites, blogs, and journals. Yet all this time spent surfing is not wasted. I dress better. My clothes fit and I am investing money toward my wardrobe wisely. I am better groomed. After finding a correct way to shave, I seldom have to worry about skin irritations. My manners have been sharpened. My overall knowledge has been greatly increased, be it clothing styles, history, culture, or what have you.

Call it an obsession if you must, but it is hardly a waste of time.

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