Tuesday, January 26, 2010

APC New Standards

Close to a year and a half ago, I resolved to start dressing better. I had been in the working world for a couple years and had little idea how to dress as an adult. After stumbling upon the Styleforum and Superfuture messageboards, I have found a new hobby... Raw Denim.

Jeans made from raw denim have not been washed or "distressed," which allows the wearer to customize his or her own pair. Common wisdom claims that raw denim should be worn as often and washed as little as possible. This is crucial to developing contrasting fades across the lap, the knees, and behind the knees. Gross as it may seem to some, one would be surprised how little denim needs washing.

Often considered a stepping stone in raw denim, the APC New Standard was my first luxurious clothing purchase. Many denim heads scoff at the New Standard, as it often pales in comparison to more premium brands, such as FlatHead or Iron Heart. True as this may be, I find the cut to be incredibly flattering and suitable to my tastes. Below is my own pair, with approximately one year of wear and 4 washes. They are not perfect, but they are my favorite item of clothing to date. A small hole developed in the pocket, but that was quickly repaired with some excess denim and string. While these have served me well, they have worn to the point where I am exceedingly happy with the results. It's time to move on... Next up, Levi's 501 Shrink-to-fit.

Notice the small circle in the coin pocket. I place a Natty Boh bottle cap and a few coins, which created a small distinct fade. It's just something to help make the pair more distinct.

The fading behind the knees, often called "honeycombs" is not particularly pronounced. I believe this occurred because I did not soak the denim before wearing. Thus, when they were washed and shrunk, the fading progressed up the leg and would not wear in the same place. I also could have waited a bit longer before a wash.

A small repair, before the hole gets out of hand. It took around an hour or two to patch up and did not require much skill.

What I like most about the cut of this denim is how it remains slim, yet not skinny. It's the perfect balance. This picture was taken directly after the wash and is slightly tighter than usual. It will stretch slightly after casual wear.

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