Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thrifting Finds: 1/14/10

Since both Christmas and New Year's have come and passed, that means two things: 1) Tax season is upon us, which inevitably means 2) it's Thrifting Season! My favorite time of year. This is especially nice when you live in an area like Long Island, whose residents have copious amounts of expendable income. The quality of thrifting finds are then exponentially better. Last Friday, I made my first Thrifting venture and came back with a few choice items.

First, is a very nice shirt from Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece. Now, I've found regular shirts by Brooks Brothers numerous times. Often, I will opt to put them back on the rack since they fit like a tent. Occasionally, I'll take them home to have them altered. However, this was a particularly rare find. Golden Fleece is Brooks Bros. more luxurious line. The shirt features mother-of-pearl buttons and is made of Italian Cotton. A fantastic find.

Next up is another item from Brooks Bros, a Navy Cable-Knit Cotton Sweater. Normally, I pass over the sweater aisle. Most are musty and threadbare. It can be hard to find anything wearable. This particular sweater is hardly worn at all! Being made from a fine Sea Island Cotton, I could not pass it up.

And finally, an LL Bean Leather Bomber Jacket. This was a last minute impulse buy. I've been looking for a cold weather jacket for some time, and this fits just perfectly. It's been beat up and worn in, which gives the leather a nice patina. Originally priced at 35$, I was able to talk the cashier down to $25 after finding the zipper pull was broken (zipper still works!). The "wifey" wasn't to pleased to see the jacket at first, but after cocking her head to the side and giving it a second look, she admitted the jacket was pretty cool. Either way, I have a new addition to my closet.

All in all, it was a good start to the season, but I'm excited to see what I will find next weekend!

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