Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Music (For me) 1/20/10

The Antlers: Hospice (2009)
-My first impression: ZZZzzzz...

After reading up on the album and the concept, I guess I can appreciate the complexity. The Jeff Buckley-esque vocals definitely caught me by suprise, but they sound more like an imitation than an homage. The album isn't terrible, and I don't hate it. I tend to gloss over the lyrics of a song and tend to zone in on the overall energy and vibe of a band. Since the vibe was incredibly somber and serious, I just couldn't get into the album. I'll give it a few more listens and read over the lyrics, it might change my opinion.

Dr. Octagon: Dr. Octagonecologist (1996)
- Dr. Octagon is a character created by Kool Keith, who is credited with revitalizing the underground Hip-Hop movement in the mid-90s. The lyrics revolve around the extraterrestrial time traveling gynecologist and surgeon, Dr. Octagon. Needless to say, the album is both hilarious as it is absurd. Crammed with thought provoking metaphors and ridiculous non-sequiturs, each track takes repeated listening to fully comprehend. The production by Dan the Automator is fantastic. It blurs the lines Hip-Hop and Trip-Hop--think DJ Shadow. The scratching by DJ Qbert is masterful. At times, the turntable provides another voice in this already multifaceted album. An amazing album and a soon-to-be classic.

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