Monday, March 29, 2010

File Under Awesome

I just found this keychain tool created by PocketToolX. Made from surgical stainless steel, the Brewzer will open bottles, pry nails, scrape, act as a flathead screw driver, and the coup de gras… the edged point on the end is designed to shotgun beers. Every man will need one of these.

Personally, I like to drink beer of the micro-brew variety. Not that I don’t enjoy cheap beer too, but if I’m only drinking a couple on an easy going night, I would like a decent beer. Now, most of these beers are bottled with non-twist off caps and unfortunately for me, I do not have the foresight to attach a bottle opener to my keychain. I am then left to track down the host of a given party and ask for their opener. Needless to say, this is irritating at best.

And thus enters the practicality of this featured tool. Not only would I be able to pop off the cap of any bottle of my choosing, but I could also easily puncture a shotgun when the need arises (This would come in handy when drinking the aforementioned cheap beer), or even perform various household tasks. The uses for this tool are seemingly limitless! I know what I’m asking for when my birthday rolls around.

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