Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Aspirations: A chance of rain...

Moscot Zulu
A nice change from RayBan, Moscot offers a darker, more sleek, version of the aviator. Yeah, I know the title says a chance of rain, but how else are you going to nurse that hangover?

Fjallraven Nordli
Time to take a break from The North Face, Fjallraven is a Swedish outdoor clothier founded in the 1960's. This waterproof poly-cotton blend jacket will keep you nice and dry when the forecaster calls for a chance of rain.

Brooks Brothers Extra-Slim OCBD
I've touted the advantages of the extra-slim fit before, but you really can't beat the Brooks collar roll. Oh... and minus the tie.

Pure Blue Japan 005
A Japanese denim company, Pure Blue Japan produces some of the highest quality jeans in the world. This brand is also known for its slubby textured denim, where it can appear hairy and features intermittent bumps of cotton within its weave. The cut is slim in the top block, but straight legged to the bottom. The perfect fit for those seeking slim, but not skinny.

Adidas Samba
Perhaps not the best rainy weather shoe, but I think we can all agree some shoes look better a little sloppy. And besides, it's only a "chance of rain." I would hate to break out the duck boots for nothing.

I didn't realize until everything was thrown together how much this looked like classic football casual hooligan style. You might just have to throw down with Elijah Wood after the match. It's ok, I hear he's a dandy.

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