Tuesday, March 16, 2010


To be honest, I'm really just a converted skate rat at heart. This can probably best be observed in my love for slim beat-up denim and my ever present Vans. Occasionally I'll peruse the Supreme website for new styles, just to see what the cool kids are wearing. Supreme is the legendary NYC skate shop specializing in their own style of streetwear, which usually under produces items to create a general rarity of their product. This usually amounts to simple hoodies and t-shirts which cost three times than you might find anywhere else.

Now, I'm not usually the type to buy into an item just for a name, but let's face it... Supreme has an eye for minimalized style. Below is a sampling of items that caught my eye.

Perfect for rainy days in Spring, and a fraction of the cost for the Woolrich Woolen Mills version. Imagine that.

I've had a hankering for a slim black denim jacket. This twill version will do.

A solution to the perfect military-styled jacket.

I told you every label needs some sort of harrington.

Fred Perry has a similar version. I want both.

A solution to the perfect heather grey crew neck.

It might be worth a shot.

An essential.

And to end the selection, an homage to one of my favorite bands (note the blog title).

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